Phuncom we phut Phun into inside of games


Phuncom, the developer of the game 'Anarchy Connection' is a branch company of Sol Banking Corporation and is behind other hologame successes such as 'Age of Colin', 'Dreamrise', and 'The Eternal Journey'.


You can browse this gridpage to find out more about the fabules worlds you can visit in our games, when you get bored of Omni-Prime, old Earth or Rubi-Ka.



New logo

As our returning visitors propably have noticed we now have a shiny new favicon for all your bookmarking needs.

Our new logo can be seen here in a larger format.


we phut Phun into inside of games









He-Man booster pack for AC postponed.


Happy birthday Anarchy Connection.


He-Man booster pack for AC announced.


I think the girl in the cubicle right beside me is cute.




Colin the babarian: ACH!! a swan, I am afraid of swans, brave warrior, bring me 10 swarn necks and I will give you a mighty sword!

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