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A most wonderfull org on the Atlanthean server.


Organization information
Name: Argenteum Astrum

Description: Argenteum Astrum, The Silver Star, is a guild formed around older players (in age). We try to maintain a stress free, fun enviroment.

Objective: To grow as an organization, and to enjoy the aspects of the game that require group cooperation.

History: Argenteum Astrum, -The Silver Star-, an Omni faction org, was founded by Dianora and Nayika, husband and wife IRL, who desired to create a guild for players that are a bit older. They felt that such an organisation could benefit this demographic and created AA. At AA, we promote fun in play, cooperation, enjoyment, and foster enjoyable gaming experiences.


Merlondo profecies



No one can remember when they were spoken first, but we are glad they indeed were noted down.


The Ariensian interpetation of the profecies:


"The Wyrm shall wander the earth and such a pestilence will follow in his wake, that all who know of his passing shall be struck down by the plague. So sayeth the wise Merlondo."


This clearly speaks of the tragic events of old Earth, what could have been so secretive, that the destruction of all man was nessesary to keep it a secret?


"In the year of the turrets, a great host will come from the east like a plague of locusts. So sayeth the wise Merlondo."


The turrets started to spring up all over Rubi-Ka, and with them and the notum mining started the clan conflict, sparking an upror with base in the east, gaining more and more members.


"When shadows descend upon the lands, Our Divine lords will walk alongside us as equals. So sayeth the great Merlondo."


A clear forsaying of the Shadow Lands portal leading to a place where Omega, the Redeemed and Uredeemed walk ammong us as equals.


"When conflict sweeps across the Dales the great Lizards of the north shall descend with fire and fury. So sayeth the great Merlondo."


Anyone having been in inferno will understand this. "the Dales" ofcause refers to the Shadow Lands, with it's many dales and the inability to fly. Even Nascence has a great Lord, a dragon clearly decended from the northern, more tougher parts of the Shadow Lands.


"The Lord of Murder shall perish. But in his doom he shall spawn a score of mortal progeny. Chaos will be sown from their passage. So sayeth the wise Merlondo."


He told us so, but did any listen?

Who were those who killed the protector of the source, the beast itself, he might be a lord of murder, with many lives on his contience, but he did it to protect us from a greater evil. An evil that now has landed on Rubi-Ka, the Kyr'Ozch.



To spice things up, the profecies has been converted into a techno remix, which can be gotten here:

Merlondo profecies in mp3 (1.60 MB)

Thanks go to the BioWare® webpage for hosting this song.

(included in the Merlondo voicepack)


and finally a thank to Merlondo for taking good care of our org, in a kind and carein manner.

If you meet him on the streets of Borealis be sure to thank him for this script, not just ask for CI / CM.

Without him I would propably not had stayed around on Rubi-Ka long enough to make these scripts and release them for public use.


















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