How to use the scripts



I have tried to make it user-friendly, packing the panel and the files it uses into a zip file, that will put it in the right place, when extracted in the Anarchy Online folder.

The easiest way to activate the pannel is to type:


You can make a button for your hotbar with the following command:

/macro AP /APanel

the button's name will be AP



Why the .aa extention?



Though Anarchy Online thrives on files with no extention, most modern software likes it.So to save time I have called them .aa and tied that format to a notepad viewer. It makes editing, and tracking which commands are executing scripts, easier.

The .aa can be removed, on the other hand AO does not care what they are called, so for an easier setup you can let them be like that.









How to 
A short summary on how to download and use the scripts in AO.


The page with all the downloads.


Argenteum Astrum
Who are Argenteum Astrum.

.. and who is that Merlondo guy?

Argenteum Astrum Scripts for Rubi-Ka