AriensGUI Pannel - script package download



AriensGUI Pannel     183kb

Use this to easily turn various AO features on and off.


Quick "How to use it":

Download this file. By right-clicking the link above, choosing "save as" or "Save link as" if you use FireFox

Put it in the Anarchy Online folder.

Unpack the zip file. - When placed in the Anarchy Online folder, unpacking it will put the scripts in there right place

Ingame type: /APanel

To make a button for your hotbar, that activates this window:

Ingame type: /macro ArienGUI_panel /APanel





  • Enable/Disable inspect
  • Enable/Disable social tab
  • Enable/Disable Auto AFK
  • Lock/Unlock hotbars
  • See if anyone of profession X is near
  • Who buffs what skills & attributes
  • Add someone to your friends list
  • Clear the screen for screenshots
  • Open windows with no screen-cluttering
  • Talk like a girl, atrox or man
  • Dance the funky dance - endlessly









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