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Through some time I have used these scripts to ease the use of Anarchy online.

A lot of the functions of AO can be activated via the chat, and can terefor be activated via an ingame script, instead of having to go in under F10 options, into some sub-menu to turn it on and off.


I hope you will enjoy the scripts; I have included some of the more fun featues as well, enabeling you to use the voice sayings of other breeds and genders, allong with the profecies of the great Merlondo, our org president.





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How to 
A short summary on how to download and use the scripts in AO.


The page with all the downloads.


Argenteum Astrum
Who are Argenteum Astrum.

.. and who is that Merlondo guy?

Argenteum Astrum Scripts for Rubi-Ka