Anarchy Connection

-Welcome on Rubi-Can't-



A place where science and magic intertwine

where mysterious forces maintain life after death. No need to be afraid, teh CellScanner will save you.

Get special automatic armor that contains gadgets, that will aid your strength, intelligence and skills.

You can transform bionic appendages to aid your skills also, giving an extra boost and room for cosumizability.

Challenge thoughts with the Meta-physicist. Summon creatures from a world beyond to help you, manifest your anger.

Shoot through the sky at amazing speeds with the Yalmaha 1-man, air vehicle. Enjoy the vast world fast, easy and convenient.



Feature: Anarchy Connection - Sunnydale

Meet strange creatures in a paralel world



A lonesome teenager and her geeky friends opened a portal in there backyard. The first step towards heaven.


The lushious lands of sunnydales is an old long forgotten paralel world to Ruby-Can't, enhapited with monsters looking very much like those encountered on Rubi-Can't, but slightly more purple. The final frontiers are especially bright and cheerfull, filled with flying castles, butterflies and all new creatures to befriend or kill, the place is so filled with flashy effects that we recomend a quantum computer and a kitten morph, for all players trying to take down the final bosses.



New expansion on the way:




By going into the Martel He-Man franchice we expect new as well as already dedicated Anarchy-Connection players will join Prince Adam's quests in the mystical Sunnydale.

Here is a sneak-peak of the new contents:















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He-Man booster pack for AC postponed.


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Happy birthday Anarchy Connection.


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He-Man booster pack for AC announced.




He-Man booster pack theme song


I've been appointed straight from the power of gray skull(He Man)

Believe the master of the universe gets great skull (He Man)

I'm so ferocious chopping heads of with my battle axe (He)

Got many faces give them wiplash when I battle cat (He Man)


A diabolical technology like skeletor (He Man)

Was trained in the arts of throwing you through the cellar-door (He Man)

I'm checking off my enemies until I get some more (He)

With powerful beams that disperse from my luda-crystal ball (He)


A place where sourcery science and magic intertwine

and where mysterious forces maintain the streets is mine

With special automatic armor that contains gadget

no one can get to my level I think the games had it!

I can transform bionic appendages.

challenge yo thoughts with these metaphors and synonym.

I shoot game through the sky at amazin speed.

Helpin the industry curve at the time of need.



You can get the full Ludacris album "Pre-Release Therapy" at the link below.

We are honored to have such a catchy theme-somg for the comming booster pack


Download Pre-Release Therapy

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Scerenity and calm
The place to be is Rubi-Can't

Anarchy Connection - Lost Eternaty out now